Game Stream Lite - A New Way to Enjoy Sports

The Probem

Streaming lives games in your phone or computer is most times a complicated thing. Real sports fans who follow every or most games struggle while checking the status of the game on the go or when they are not subscribed to the channel streaming the game. One of the biggest challenges of live streaming is low broad band connectivity because streaming live videos takes up a lot of resources. Game Stream Lite hopes to be a clever substitute to live streaming by providing a “sketchy” representation of how the game goes.

The Solution

In this case “sketchy” means that instead of providing live videos of the game we will display how the players and the ball move during the game. For example, in a basketball game it will display the coordinates of 11 points in a 2D representation of a basketball court during the whole game. This concept will also provide supplementary information like stats for the game, the play by play and a play by play geometric representation of the plays that were displayed before.